Our experts


Our horses welfare is priority at Horse Sense, therefore we have a team of experts to deal with all the horses needs. Over the years we have built a good relationship with all our specialist.

When a pony first arrives at Horse Sense Wirral, they are given a check-over. If they need immediate attention, then we call upon the specialist to come and sort the problem. 

If they are not in need of the immediate attention, we like them to have a couple of days to just adjust to their new surroundings and get over whatever ordeal has brought them to us.  We will then call in all the professionals to give the pony a thorough check. We have found this approach works for the pony.

We use Leahurst Equine Hospital for our vets.

Below you will see a picture of Luke Edwards, one of our vets.

Robin Harding and Lee Shakeshaft who look after the horses teeth. 

Tom Clothier and Paul Barlow our Farriers. 

Mick Russell who sees to our Sheep and goats maintenance.


Luke Edwards – Vet
Robin Harding – Equine Dental Technician
Lee Shakeshaft – Equine Dental Technician
Tom Clothier – Farrier
Paul Barlow – Farrier
Mick Russell – Sheep/Goat Maintenance