Herbies story

Herbie on arrival

This is Herbies rescue story

Herbie was rescued by Amy Pirie from terrible neglect with the aid of the local BHS Chairperson and Margaret Allin.  Herbie was 33 years old and had not been cared for in a very long time, he was extremely malnurished, had over grown hooves, numerous dental problems and a series of skin complaints due to lice and infection. Amy was strongly advised by several other horse owners who had seen Herbie that he was too sick to recover and would need euthanising, but after blood tests carried out on behalf of the RSPCA who were gathering evidence together for prosecution, she found that the only internal medical issue was anemia caused by lack of any sort of nutrition, Amy sought advice from her vet, farrier, dentist and nutritionist to carefully devise a plan of action to bring Herbie back to health to live a happy life.  In order to do this as quickly as possible Amy spent many hours researching the best food and healing products that would best support his recovery, Amy used vast amounts of FLP Aloe Gel in his food to support his immune system to fight infection, also to support his digestive system to prevent colic having not had any real food for a long time and also to encourage repair and growth of new skin and hair. Aloe products were also used externally to clean, disinfect and sooth the many open wounds he had due to large infestation of lice and maggots. With good diet and good horse management Herbie’s life was saved and he went on to make a full recovery.

Herbie after TLC
Herbie after TLC


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