Let’s change your mindset,
realise your goals and find happiness

A compassionate and results driven life coach. I can transform your mental health and wellbeing. Ready to reduce stress, find your inner happiness and regain control?

Is mind coaching for me?

Your mind may be telling you that you can’t cope, that your emotional baggage is too great or that your situation is too difficult.

  • Feeling lost, like you’ve lost your sense of purpose, self worth or confidence?
  • Feel weighed down by stress, anxiety or depression?
  • Unable to focus because of the continuous chatter and worry in your mind?
  • Feel angry and confused and overwhelmed by emotions?
  • Frustrated and want to change a habit, gain control of a situation or cope with a big life change?

If this feels like you, don’t let your mind hold you back any longer. There is a waythrough.

Your life is too short to be trapped by a negative mindset. I can help you build positivity, feel lighter and find the direction and happiness you want.

Find out what my life coaching can do for you and take the first step.

What we think, we create

Your mind is a powerful thing. If you can change your thinking you can create the life you want. With my mind coaching support, I can help you change your mindset, get rid of that oppressive baggage, bring you happiness and deliver real transformative results.

My Services

Getting rid of those blockers is easy. Let’s start taking care of your mental health and find a path that will work for you.

1.1. Mind Coaching

Achieve your full potential with mind coaching sessions cover personal & relationship coaching, stress, anxiety, anger management career Coaching, goal setting, motivation and self esteem and more.

Wellness Coaching

Let me help you start thinking happy and happiness will come to you. Let me give you the skills to help find balance and reduce stress. Find calm and tranquility with reiki meditation, hypnosis, diet and art therapy coaching.

Family Coaching

I work with you and your family memebers to achieve a common goal. Whether that is finding undestanding or establishing respect to coping with integration issues, discipline and stress.

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what’s right for you?

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The Arty Buddha

Remove Negativity And Create
A Positive Mindset


Finding your focus with Career Coaching

Want to be able to see the world in a brighter light? Let me help you find the possibility in your life, regain confidence, build up your self-esteem or empower you to make those big decisions. We’ll work together to find you clarity and purpose.


Find support and clarity
with dedicated and caring
1:1 Coaching

Your development is my priority. Let me either work with you one-on-one, as a couple or as a family. We’ll use Cognitive Behavioural Training (CBT) to help you take back control, calm your mind and change your mindset. Together we will transform how you think and get you back on track.


Find peace and relaxation with m Wellbeing coaching

Reiki will help you re-energise and de-stress. Or with hypnosis we will focus your imagination and subconscious. Hypnosis can help bring about positive changes to the way you think, feel and behave.

I’ve been where you are. I’ve been in a dark place full of stress, anger and unhappiness. But I came through it. I overcame my demons and came out the other side. I’ve since developed deep skills and experience as a professional life coach. Now, let me provide you with judgement free, retraining of your mind to help you find the light. I’ll provide you with encouragement, inspiration and compassion that will bring you out the other side.


Your mental health is my mission.

How we work together

It’s been my life’s mission – to help others. That’s why my life coaching doesn’t stop at the office door. You benefit from regular messaging where I give you encouragement or the support you need whenever you need it.

Let’s start with a quick chat. Or how about we try a free 20 minute taster session. I’ll tell you about my journey and you can share what your goals are and what’s holding you back. Together we can work on changing your mindset, reducing stress, building your confirdence and finding your happiness.

After feeling anxious and angry about certain aspects in my life, the Arty Buddha made me think positive about everything going on around me. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Feels like I have known him for my whole life. Always on hand to help you whenever you need. Strongly recommend!


Unburden, relax and find calm in just 15 minutes

With this meditation audio file, I’ll help you to unwind and untangle from the stress of your daily life. I want you to find peace and relaxation. Have this file on your phone or media player, ready for when you need it.

Ready to start your journey?

Your path to better mental health and happiness starts with a quick chat. Why not get in contact with me today.

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